Molybdenum disulfide lubricating paste
Model Number : KTZ-Q-321
Product Introduction:
A quick-drying lubricant, especially to provide long-lasting lubrication for sliding surfaces with light load or slowly moving to heavy load. This product can form a strong molybdenum disulfide film on the surface of the machine parts, which has strong adhesion and can reduce friction and wear. At the same time, it can protect the machine parts from corrosion/seizure, contamination or abrasion. Rust effect.
Used for sliding parts with an operating temperature range of up to 350°C, including rollers, flat bearings, gears, sliding systems, cams and valves, etc.
Main performance:
※ Prevent machine parts from corroding/seizing, abrasion and scratching
※ Resistant to contamination by dust, dirt and other pollutants
※ It can also be compatible with other lubricants after use
※ Avoid tight corrosion / seizure of precision threaded parts
※ Strong adhesion, excellent anti-rust effect
Shake the tank before use to mix the liquid in the tank evenly. For best results, please wipe clean the parts to be sprayed. Use a brush to evenly coat the surface of the part, and the coating thickness is recommended to be no more than 0.5mm.
Typical data:
Appearance: dark gray film
Solid lubricating materials: molybdenum disulfide, RTV resin
Chemical solvent: solvent oil, petroleum sodium sulfonate
Surface drying time (room temperature): 15min
Completely dry (20℃): 2H
Operating temperature: 5°C to 40°C (it is recommended to apply at room temperature)
Working temperature range (forming thin film): -40℃ to +350℃
Storage: Store below 40℃, avoid direct sunlight.
1. This product is canned in a pressurized container and should be used in a ventilated environment. Please avoid high temperature exposure and keep away from open flames.
2. Smashing, piercing or burning is strictly prohibited.
3. The aerosol can is made of tinplate, which is easy to corrode and rust. Please store it in a dry environment below 40°C.
4. Do not get in eyes,on skin. Necessary to wear protective gloves and goggles . Immediately wash affected hands and clothes with a high-efficiency detergent.
5. Keep out of the reach of minors.
6. This product is only used for industrial purposes.
7. Empty cans can be put into trash cans after puncture and flattening.
8. If it is not used up at one time, please invert the spray to remove the residue of the nozzle, spray until the white mist to prevent liquid leakage.
9. First aid measures:
In case of contact with eyes or skin, immediately flush with clean water and get medical attention. If inhaled, move the person to fresh air, and get medical attention if you feel unwell. If swallowed accidentally, do not induce vomiting and get medical attention immediately.
Packaging Details 1kg/can
Est. Time two years

Molybdenum disulfide lubricating paste

2021-08-31 12:05:11

Molybdenum disulfide lubricating pasteModel Number : KTZ-Q-321Product Introduction:A quick-drying lubricant, especially...