PTFE lubricating grade ultrafine powder
1. Product Name
Poly tetra fluoroethylene
2. Composition /Information on Ingredients
Molecular formula: -(CF2-CF2)n-
CAS Number: 9002-84-0
3. Product Appearance
White powder
4. Model Number :
BNR-S1: a lubricating powder that has not been sintered and has been irradiated
BNR-B2: a lubricating powder that has been sintered and has not been irradiated
5. Application
A universal lubricating powder suitable for various media . Used as a substitute for graphite, molybdenum disulfide and other inorganic lubricants. Used as a release agent for thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers, with excellent load-bearing capacity, and can be used in the elastomer and rubber industries.
Products are widely used in engineering plastics, plastic modification, rubber, coatings, lubricants, grinding wheels, grease, graphene, brake pads, phenolic resin, cosmetics, medical and medical equipment
Dispersing in rubber, thermosetting plastics, thermoplastics, grease, inks and oils, non-agglomerated and non-agglomerated to improve its lubricity and reduce wear and friction.

6. Typical data:
High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent electrical insulation, aging resistance, low water absorption and excellent self-lubricating performance
Model Number Grain structure Average particle size (micron) Bulk density (g/l)
BNR-S1 irregular 2 250
BNR-B2 irregular 10~30 350
7. Packaging:
The product adopts double-layer packaging, and the inner packaging adopts a polyethylene plastic film bag, the thickness is not less than 0.05mm, and it is packaged in a 5kg or 25kg plastic bag. The outer packaging shall be packed in iron drums or fiberboard drums, and the mouth of the packing drum shall be sealed with lead. The net weight of each barrel is 25kg.
8. Executive standard: Q/KTZ 03-2010
9. Others:
Negotiate according to market-ready products.

PTFE lubricating grade ultrafine powder

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PTFE lubricating grade ultrafine powder1 Product NamePoly tetra fluoroethylene2 Composition Information on Ingredie...